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21.08.2017 04:38 - Wholesale Directory - Introducing Real Dropshipping Wholesale Suppliers
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 In the e-business community, there are few but very important pointers that a beginner must be mindful. Before creating an account for a wholesale provider directory you need to make sure that they provide the marketers the support, contacts and tools you need to begin earning at once you are in the world of online selling and auctions.   Ask these questions:   1. Does my prospective wholesale directory offers a vast range of products?  They should provide tons of product variety for every type imaginable from the world"s best & legitimate suppliers. From electronics, cameras, mobile phones, DVDs, bags, shoes, lingerie and clothing, right through to plumbing supplies, dehumidifiers and baby strollers. Products from top brand-name such as APPLE, GUCCI, SONY, D&G, NIKE, PANASONIC, LACOSTE, HP, PRADA and more.   2. Are their providers legitimate and trustworthy?  Look for someone that protects you from unexpected costs and especially against scams.  One alternative is Salehoo. They have community forums where members share their own advice and stories about different suppliers and deals they offer. Since all SaleHoo members & staff can view the providers on the site, it helps eradicate almost all the hazards. To ensure your safety, they also have an accreditation system to ensure the quality of products and services.   3. Do they cater to small quantity orders?  Your directory should offer Low or no minimum order quantities and happy to deal in smaller quantities. Not everyone has the ability to purchase in bulk or has the power of a retail giant.   4. Will they provide frequent list updates?  Look for a wholesale directory that constantly updates their database. An updated database means you"re not left behind with stale information. In this industry nothing and no one is constant but change, supplies & suppliers come and go... Your directory should provide all the updates of their listings and suppliers so that you are up to date with any new products or changes that they may be offering.   5. Do they offer a hundred percent money back guarantee?  If you are just getting started in an online business, be assured that you will not waste your precious time and off coarse your money. A lot of people ask if it"s safe to do business with wholesale directory like Salehoo. For me... it is indeed worth a try. They have anything you want to sell. And the amazing part of it is that they all offer a money back guarantee policy. If you"re not happy with the product you purchase, you can have you money refunded.  


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