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19.09.2017 03:52 - Choosing Plus Size Underwear
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 It isn"t easy to buy plus size underwear. Unfortunately underwear is by its nature one of those things that you really can"t try on. Nobody wants to buy underwear that somebody else has had on. While this creates something of a problem for people who buy their underwear at the store for the people who buy online it is business as usual. You can"t try on any clothes that buy online so have to know how to pick the right size. If you can do this with other clothes then you can do it with underwear as well.wholesale Christmas costumes   There is nothing worse than wearing underwear that doesn"t fit properly. Regardless of where you buy your plus size underwear you have to know how to choose a pair that fit. Underwear that is too small is going to be tight and uncomfortable while underwear that is too big won"t stay in place properly and will really irritate you. Unfortunately your pants size is not a good guide to the size of the underwear that you need. You are going to have to come up with another way to make sure that you get the right size. The surest way to do this is take your measurements.   If you want to get some plus size underwear that is actually going to fit you properly the first measurement that you will need to take is your waist. There is a natural indentation on your waist you will need to be able to find this. If it isn"t obvious where this is, which is the case for most people who need plus sizes, you can find it by bending to the side. You will see a crease; this is where you will want to measure. Hold the tape measure tight against your waist at the proper point and read the number in inches. You need to make sure that you are holding the tape measure at a level height; a mirror will make this easier.   The next thing that you will need to measure when you are trying to get plus size underwear that fits is your hips. You will want to take this measurement at the point where your hips are at their widest. Again just put the tape measure firmly around your hips and read of the number of inches. Holding the tape measure level is important here as well so you will probably want to use a mirror to make it easier.

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